4 Reasons To Choose Stump Foundations Over Slab Foundations For Your New Home

The vast majority of newly-built houses you see these days are constructed on top of contiguous foundations of solid concrete slabs, and many individuals and families looking to construct a new home may be unaware that any other kind of foundation even exists. However, there is an alternative foundation type that is more rarely seen, but may be ideally suited to the needs of your new home – stump foundations.

5 Things to Consider When Choosing Decking Timber

The longevity of the deck you build is highly contingent on the timber you choose. Your deck should be functional, stable and appealing at the same time. Timber decking should last for years. However, its lifespan can be prolonged by painting, staining or oiling it. The first step in the decking journey has to begin with the selection of decking timber. This checklist will help you reach the best verdict.

Why Land Surveyor Services Are Required Before Purchasing Property

Land surveying in construction is a technique employed for the measurement of the earth’s surface in relation to the directions, angle and elevation to be used in identification of property boundaries and in preparation of maps and layouts for constructions. In this regard, land surveying is important since investing in real estate is always an expensive undertaking. For many contractors, land surveying is deemed important in property development for the following reasons:

5 Benefits of Integrating Natural Areas Into Your Residential Land Development

The Mount Annan Botanic Garden was developed in Sydney in 1968 to showcase natural flora and fauna in the area. Spanning 400 hectares and featuring thousands of native plants, this is one of the most prominent natural areas in the country, and over the decades, it has become surrounded by suburban neighbourhoods. If you are going through land development, you may want to integrate a natural area. Even if it’s a fraction of the size of Mount Annan, it offers the following benefits.

4 Solid Facts about Residential Concrete Polishing for DIY-Savvy People

Out of the many flooring materials available in the market, the popularity of concrete cannot be overstated. Recent progress in concrete grinding equipment and methods has made it possible to grind concrete flooring, both old and new, to a high-gloss finish. Such finishes do not need coatings or waxing, which saves homeowners a lot of money in both labor and material costs. Here are some solid facts you need to know when polishing your concrete floor for the first time during a home improvement project.

2 Key Concepts To Consider When Designing Your New patio

Australians have a great love for outdoor living spaces. They provide a comfortable yet open area to spend time with family, enjoy meals and embrace the fresh air. If your home doesn’t have a great outdoor living space, then you may be considering have a patio built to achieve this much-desired home feature. When designing a patio, there are two key concepts that you should put some time and thought into before construction begins.

The pro vs. the DIY challenge -- Why You Should Leave Epoxy Flooring with Flakes to The Pros

Installing epoxy floor coatings as a “Do It Yourself” project can seem relatively easy. After all, these floor coatings are installed as liquids, so it can’t be any different than painting a wall, right? While DIY installation is a viable option, it can be a risky way to go, especially when it comes to epoxy flooring with flakes. Many laypeople have attempted to install their own flooring only to find out down the line that the quality of the flooring is far from what the pros could have installed.

Getting the Right Winch for Your Construction Job

If you have a construction project coming up, you will certainly need some pushing and pulling equipment to get the job done. Winches are some of the indispensable equipment which you should prioritise when doing your purchase. Since the purchase of winches is not a day-to-day, recurrent activity, but rather a once-in-a while assignment, it is understandable that you may find it tricky to get the right winch for your project.

How to Prevent Water From Collecting On Your Tennis Court

If you are planning to install a new tennis court on your property, it is important that you design it in such a way as to prevent water from pooling on the surface of the court. If water collects on the surface of your tennis court, it could make it slippy or unusable. Below is a guide to steps you can take when designing your tennis court to make sure that it isn’t affected by pools of water.

Signs You Need to Remove Your Tree

Whether your tree is awesome to behold or you’re growing sick of its presence, you may want to consider using a tree removal service. If you’re unsure as to whether such a service is for you, consider whether its presence is more troublesome than beautiful.  The Tree Is Starting to Get in the Way Whether your tree’s branches are stretching perilously close to a power line or you’re worrying that it’s making contact with your windows, a tree that’s starting to get in the way is one you should consider removing.

Dealing With Noise Pollution During a Demolition

There is no escaping the fact that demolishing a building will tend to be a noisy affair. A wrecking ball smashing into a brick wall, heavy trucks hauling away tonnes of bricks and drills or other heavy equipment being used to break up concrete will all generate a lot of noise. This noise can irritate those who live and work in areas which neighbour the demolition site. Below is a guide to some steps you can take to keep the levels of noise pollution to a minimum during a demolition job

2 Creative And Practical Design Elements To Include In Your Custom-Built Beach Side Home

Owning a home by the beach is a dream for many Australians. The laid-back beach lifestyle, a sun-drenched beach within walking distance of your home and the beautiful ocean views are all major parts of this enduring desire. Like many other people, when designing and building your beach home, you may decide to create a custom design that is unique and perfectly suited to your lifestyle. Beach homes have very different and specific design needs in comparison to standard home sites.

Provide A Self-Sourced Water Supply For Your Home With These Two Water Collection Systems

Whether you’re in a rural area with no municipal water supply, determined to create a more sustainable home or simply sick of the high cost of water, you may be considering your options for a self-sourced water supply. This may involve a moderate financial outlay initially but in the long term, it will save you thousands of dollars on your water bills. Having a reliable and constant supply of water for your home is best achieved by installing two separate systems, one to access underground water supplies and one to harness and store rainwater.

When Do You Need a Feature Survey?

Are you considering a feature survey of your property? A feature, or contour survey, is the most common type of survey carried out by homeowners and is really a graphical representation of your property. The survey will show the exact heights of fences, retaining walls, and all existing buildings. It may also include other important features on the property at ground level. What’s involved in a feature survey? To undertake a feature survey, you will need to arrange for a surveyor to come to your property and collect all of the relevant data using their surveying equipment.

The Easy Guide to a Homemade Concrete Edging

Concrete edgings are the perfect solution to many gardening projects at home. They come in handy for those who have loose gravel driveways. They keep the gravel in place and prevent it from being further down the driveway whenever the rain pours down heavily. Additionally, you can use the edgings around the feet of trees and flowers to minimise soil erosion. The edgings or kerbs are easy to build for any homeowner that’s committed to making their garden look good.

Questions to Ask When Hiring a Land Surveyor to Set or Find Property Lines

If you are hiring a surveyor to investigate or set property lines, there are several questions you may want to ask them before you get started. To ensure you are hiring the right professional, here are some essential questions you may want to ask. Is Finding Boundary Markers Going to Disrupt the Land? If you are having a land survey done to find boundary markers, you may want to find out how that is going to disrupt the land.

How to Protect Yourself from Dust During Core Drilling

One of the risks posed by concrete core drilling is dust. Homeowners who would like to conduct drilling activities on their properties need to explore all the available options for managing the risks posed by dust particles during the DIY project. This article discusses some of the measures that you can use to protect yourself during concrete core drilling.  Dust Collection Equipment The best way to limit the risks posed by dust during core drilling activities is to collect that dust at the point where it is generated.

Scaffolding Management: Basics for Ensuring Safety at the Construction Site

Scaffolding structures are indispensable in construction sites and projects that involve the maintenance and repair of buildings. However, incorrect use of these structures can lead to fatal accidents or even death of workers. As a project manager, poor management of this equipment can earn you lawsuits, imprisonment for preventable neglect, or even financial losses. It is essential to make sure that any scaffolding structures within your site are properly managed and inspected to guarantee the safety of your workers.

Two Factors to Consider Before Building a Deck on Your Property

If you have arranged for a builder to construct a deck in your outdoor space, here are two factors which you should consider before the construction work gets underway. The wood you will use Most decks are made from wood. However, not all woods are equal, and as such, you’ll need to think carefully about which variety is right for you and your home. If you’re on a budget, cedar is an excellent choice.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Storm Drain Grating

If all sort of rubbish is left to enter your residential storm drainage system, you may be plagued with clogging and flooding issues on your property. Trench grates are usually used to cover storm drain openings so as to prevent leaves and other large debris from entering the drainage system. However, trench grates are most effective when they are used on a well-maintained property. Proper care of your property will minimise the flow of unwanted debris towards your storm drains while allowing for maximum flow of stormwater via the large slot openings on the grates.

Need Locksmith Service For Your New Commercial Office?

As commercial buildings are always susceptible to theft and break-ins, anyone looking to start a business must make security a top priority. For years on end, locksmiths have been helping businesses to secure their premises from opportunistic thieves and burglars looking to steal something when nobody is around. If you are interested in knowing the various services which a commercial locksmith can provide to help keep your commercial office secure, continue reading on below.

Three DIY Landscaping Jobs that Will Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Your home’s landscaping plays a critical role in defining the curb appeal of the exterior space. Tired and worn-out looking areas can significantly affect the appearance of the home regardless of how beautiful the structure is. Luckily, you can freshen up the outdoor space and restore curb appeal effortlessly without hiring a landscaping contractor. What’s more, you don’t need a lot of time to accomplish this – one weekend is enough to get it done.

Reasons to Consider Building a Prefab House

Building a house where you can raise a family is a big project — perhaps the biggest project you’ll ever undertake in your lifetime. Traditionally, site-built homes have been the way to go, but with the advent of prefab houses in the construction world, increasing numbers of people are now turning away from site-built homes in favour of prefabs. Prefabricated homes, simply called prefabs, are homes built in sections at an offsite facility and under factory conditions that are then transported onsite for final assembly.

Free Flow, Grid Flow or Guided Flow: What's Best for Your Shop's Fittings?

When you’re working with a shop fitter, you want to customise the fittings that will best showcase your inventory. On top of that however, you want all the shop fittings to work together to create the right flow for your shop. Traditionally, shop flow falls into three different categories. Here is a look at the three main types of flow and a few signs that you should choose each one.

3 Tips for Reducing Condensation on Your Skylight Windows

When you look up, do you see a layer of condensation on your skylights? Are you worried that all that moisture might get into your ceiling, damage the plasterboard, or cause other issues? Then, you may want to take the following steps to reduce condensation on your skylights. 1. Add Insulation Below the Roof Condensation occurs due to changes in temperature. The warm air from inside your home travels upward, and there, it meets the cold glass of your skylight.

Two ways to prevent injuries when using concrete for construction projects

Concrete is used in almost all construction projects, for the creation of structural elements such as foundations, floors, and walls. It is arguably one of the most important materials used in the construction process. However, because concrete can cause ulcerations, burns and, in some cases, allergic reactions if it comes into contact with a person’s skin or eyes, it is important for construction workers to take precautions when using this substance.

Maintenance Tips That Will Keep Your Pool Pump Running Efficiently for Longer

Your pool pump is an integral part of your pool’s circulation system. The pump’s primary function is to create pressure required to move the water in the pool through the filter so that the water is kept clean and safe for swimming. Pool pump malfunction would mean that your pool water will not be recirculated as required, making pool water dirty and unsafe for swimming. For that reason, it is important that you keep your pump functioning properly at all times.

Two Tips for a Stress-Free Bathroom Renovation

Having your bathroom renovated can be somewhat stressful. However, there are things that you can do to minimise the amount of stress you experience during this process. Read on to find out more. Prepare in advance for the lack of water If your bathroom renovation project is going to be quite a simple one, which involves minor jobs such as replacing the floor tiles or painting the walls, then you won’t have to worry about the water supply being cut off.

5 Tips for Protecting Your Home and Windows With Plywood

If you live in an area with a lot of hurricanes or heavy winds, you may occasionally need to protect your windows. Plywood covers can help. Here’s a look at some options and a few tips related to what you need to know about building this simple protective solution. 1. Measure the Inside of the Window For the most discreet solution, you want your plywood covers to nest inside your windows.