The pro vs. the DIY challenge -- Why You Should Leave Epoxy Flooring with Flakes to The Pros

Installing epoxy floor coatings as a ''Do It Yourself'' project can seem relatively easy. After all, these floor coatings are installed as liquids, so it can't be any different than painting a wall, right?

While DIY installation is a viable option, it can be a risky way to go, especially when it comes to epoxy flooring with flakes. Many laypeople have attempted to install their own flooring only to find out down the line that the quality of the flooring is far from what the pros could have installed.

If you're a DIY enthusiast and you're wondering whether you should tackle the flooring project on your own or whether to call in the pros, here are a few factors you should consider.

Concrete slab preparation and repairs make a big difference

There are good reasons why epoxy flooring should be left to the pros, and two of them is concrete slab preparation and repairs.  Chances are your concrete slab has some unevenness and pock marks that will require repair and levelling.

Most DIY kits are insufficient when it comes to removing contaminants or existing concrete sealers that could affect the proper bonding of the new coat. DIY kits recommend using acid car wash to remove surface debris. But since acid washing requires multiple rinses, moisture could get trapped in the concrete pores, which will eventually affect the ability of your epoxy flooring to adhere to the concrete over time.

For experienced professionals, preparation is key. They will prep your floor with diamond grinding to remove all dirt and stains. Diamond grinding also removes the smooth surface of the concrete, which allows optimal adhesion.

Colour Flake Broadcast requires technique  

The end result of your floor highly depends on your colour flake broadcasting technique. Perfecting the distribution technique can be the greatest challenge with a DIY project. As such, the popular method of flake distribution is to toss a handful of flakes onto the wet floor. Hence, the finished product is very blotchy with heavy and light flakes areas.

On the other hand, professionals have learned the technique of colour flake distribution by installing many floors. They have the technique and the desired equipment to guarantee an even thorough distribution.

Floor strength and long-term performance

The most desired appeal of epoxy flooring is their outstanding strength and long-term performance. Most DIY kits include diluted formulations that are very thinned out and will require constant re-coating to keep the floor looking decent.

Meanwhile, a professional floor coating is designed to withstand the test of time. Professionals use high build floor coating that doesn't require a redo over time.