4 Reasons to Choose Eggshell Paint for Your Home

Picking out the right paint for your home can be a struggle, but many people only ever focus on colour. While that's certainly a major factor, you should also take the time to consider various finishes since these can have an impact on everything from how long the paint lasts to how good it looks.

For most homes, eggshell paint provides the ideal option. It offers a higher sheen than matte but slightly less than satin or gloss. The finish is a little like a real eggshell, which is where the name comes from. Here are just four reasons why it's ideal for your home's walls.

1. Easy Cleaning

Stained or dirty paintwork can sometimes be hard to clean without marking the paint itself, but this shouldn't be an issue with eggshell paint. Thanks to the additional resin used in eggshell paint, it can be easily cleaned with nothing more than a wet cloth or sponge. It also has just enough gloss to stop stains from soaking in. You can even rub it down without worrying about burnishing the surface and leaving a lighter patch on one of your walls.

2. Attractive Appearance

Eggshell paint is semi-reflective, so it forms the perfect balance between matte and gloss. It's reflective enough to boast a low lustre that will complement your chosen colour. This makes it particularly attractive in smaller rooms since the slight reflectivity will make them seem larger than they really are. At the same time, it isn't reflective enough for imperfections to stand out. In contrast, high gloss paints often allow every bump, groove and pit to stand out.

3. Damage Resistant

Real eggshells aren't known for being particularly durable, but the opposite is true of eggshell paint. As it dries, eggshell paint forms a tough outer surface. Essentially, it creates its own protective shield. This means it can cope with bumps and knocks without cracking or chipping. It's also hard-wearing, so the surface finish will remain in good condition even when people frequently brush up against it. As such, the eggshell paint you have applied today should still look its best for years to come.

4. Ideal for All Rooms

You probably aren't going to use the same colour across all the walls in your house, but you should think about using the same finish. This helps provide a somewhat uniform appearance while still allowing each room to stand out in its own right. Eggshell is ideal since it can be used on all interior walls. It's attractive enough for your main living areas, but it's also durable enough for high-traffic areas or those that tend to contain a lot of moisture, such as the bathroom or kitchen.

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