When Do You Need a Feature Survey?

Are you considering a feature survey of your property? A feature, or contour survey, is the most common type of survey carried out by homeowners and is really a graphical representation of your property. The survey will show the exact heights of fences, retaining walls, and all existing buildings. It may also include other important features on the property at ground level.

What's involved in a feature survey?

To undertake a feature survey, you will need to arrange for a surveyor to come to your property and collect all of the relevant data using their surveying equipment. They will need to record the exact position and height of all the features of your property.

Are you adding an extension?

The goal of a feature survey will vary depending on the type of extension you are considering. If you are simply extending your existing property on the ground level, then the survey will focus on roof pitches, verandas and floor levels. The survey will also consider boundary fences and the location of neighbouring properties. If you are thinking about adding a second-story extension, then the survey will also need to look at the roofs of neighbouring properties and ensure that your project complies with government regulations.

Are you building something new?

For a new property, a full-site feature and contour survey will be needed. In addition to the aspects covered for an extension survey, the full contour survey will identify the neighbours' ground levels and locate all their buildings so that new retaining walls can be constructed which comply with government standards.

Are you creating a subdivision?

A detailed feature survey will probably be required by the Planning Commission when you submit an application for a subdivision. The Commission will want to see the proposed boundaries and all the related dimensions. The simplest way to provide this information is by overlaying the proposed boundaries onto the survey drawing and displaying the relevant data at a glance.

Are you building a swimming pool?

Your local council are going to want to see how your proposed swimming pool is going to fit into your land. They will probably be particularly interested if you intend to construct the pool close to a boundary, and your building work will result in a change of height to the neighbouring property.

Whatever construction you are planning conducting, a feature survey will enable you to allay any concerns the council may have and get your project approved without delay. Talk to a qualified surveyor today and discuss the feature survey you need.