5 Benefits of Integrating Natural Areas Into Your Residential Land Development

The Mount Annan Botanic Garden was developed in Sydney in 1968 to showcase natural flora and fauna in the area. Spanning 400 hectares and featuring thousands of native plants, this is one of the most prominent natural areas in the country, and over the decades, it has become surrounded by suburban neighbourhoods.

If you are going through land development, you may want to integrate a natural area. Even if it's a fraction of the size of Mount Annan, it offers the following benefits.

1. Showcases Native Flora

Since Europeans have been settling in Australia, they have been importing plants from other parts of the world. If you set up a natural area in the midst of your development, you get an opportunity to showcase the native plants that were popular in Australia before western colonisation.

2. Provides a Place for Native Flora to Reside

By filling an area in your land development with natural plants, you also create a place for native animals to live. The animals that will be attracted to your area vary based on where you are and how much space you have.

In any case, those animals help preserve the local ecosystems whilst giving your residents the chance to bird watch or spot other wild animals.

3. Attracts Nature-Loving People to Your Development

Of course, a natural area attracts more than just animals. It also helps to attract nature-loving residents to your development. If you're trying to sell plots or homes in the development, it helps if you can offer unique features and amenities such as natural areas.

If a buyer is deciding between two areas that are relatively similar, a natural area may provide the impetus to convince that buyer to purchase in your area.  

4. Gives Residents an Outdoor Space to Congregate

A natural space integrated into your development gives your residents a place to get together. They can have picnics, take walks or just enjoy the area. If you integrate a pond, they can even go fishing on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

5. Creates a Connection Between the Past and Present

People are looking for more authentic experiences. For example, when they eat out, they want real food in their meals and they want to know where it comes from. This preference extends to living spaces as well.

Many people don't want to move to a land development full of the same ticky-tacky houses. They want a neighbourhoods backed up to a forest-type area that feels like something out of an old book.