Free Flow, Grid Flow or Guided Flow: What's Best for Your Shop's Fittings?

When you're working with a shop fitter, you want to customise the fittings that will best showcase your inventory. On top of that however, you want all the shop fittings to work together to create the right flow for your shop. Traditionally, shop flow falls into three different categories.

Here is a look at the three main types of flow and a few signs that you should choose each one.

Guided Flow

Guided flow is when the shop fittings are set up in such a way that your customers are guided through the store. They see what you want them to see when you want them to see it. They often enter in one door and exit through another. Here are three signs you should choose that:

1. You want to ensure customers see almost everything you have to offer.

2. You want customers to see items in a particular order to encourage more buying.

3. You have a lot of customers and need a flow pattern that disperses them evenly around the establishment.


This category could also be referred to as no flow or free flow. Basically, with this setup, you arrange the shop fittings so that customers can freely walk through the store, choosing exactly what they want to look at. They may almost get lost in the jumble of interesting displays. Here are five signs this is the right flow for you.

1. You want customers to feel like they've probably missed something so they come back for more.

2. You're trying to appeal to shoppers who like to hunt.

3. You want customers to feel like they've stumbled upon a treasure when they find the right thing.

4. You want the ability to add or remove displays on a whim.

5. You like the appearance of lots of items in no particular order.

Grid Flow

Finally, grid flow is where all or most of the shop fittings are designed to display your merchandise in tidy rows, arranged like a grid. Here are signs you should choose grid flow:

1. It's standard in your industry. For example, you own a grocery store and want to give customers the experience they expect.

2. You want to make the most of your floor space without sacrificing organisation.

3. You want a shop that is easy to restock because you move a lot of inventory quickly.

A shop fitter can help you achieve the right flow, and these professionals can also help you decide if you want to take a hybrid approach and mix and match some of the above elements. Contact a shop fitter for help today.