Why Land Surveyor Services Are Required Before Purchasing Property

Land surveying in construction is a technique employed for the measurement of the earth's surface in relation to the directions, angle and elevation to be used in identification of property boundaries and in preparation of maps and layouts for constructions. In this regard, land surveying is important since investing in real estate is always an expensive undertaking. For many contractors, land surveying is deemed important in property development for the following reasons:


A construction site requires land survey to assist in identifying the suitable location for the structure, and where amenities such as roads and other services will be laid. Take note that there exists regulations that require such tests to be conducted before a project breaks ground. Information on the topography is key and is necessary before architects and engineers can make critical decision on the project.

Accurate boundaries

Knowing the exact boundaries of your property is critical to avoid disputes with neighbouring property owners. A survey is therefore necessary both for commercial and residential projects where the land had been sub-divided into smaller portions. What if a previous property owner had already conducted a land survey? Well, if the existing survey is old, there might have been changes on the property and these need to be identified in a new survey. The neighbours may be encroaching on your property.

Property Purchase

Some property may have historical disputes and therefore a survey will be helpful in assessing the condition of a property deal before making a commitment. In this regard therefore, land surveyors make sure you are getting the property without pending court cases.

Natural Risks Evasion

There are various regions where property is affected by natural risks such as flooding or erosion. It is therefore necessary for you to seek land surveying services before purchasing a property just to be sure that such risks, which may not be disclosed by the seller. Surveying also helps understand the topography of the area where the property is located where the soil structure is examined to expose potential disasters that may delay further development.

Valuation of property

We all know that property value is prone to under or overvaluing when handled by unqualified people. This, therefore,  calls for the need to hire qualified land surveyors to accurately estimate the value of the property.   

Before purchasing property therefore, engage the services of a certified land surveyor to avoid loosing thousands of dollars arising from misinformation.