Dealing With Noise Pollution During a Demolition

There is no escaping the fact that demolishing a building will tend to be a noisy affair. A wrecking ball smashing into a brick wall, heavy trucks hauling away tonnes of bricks and drills or other heavy equipment being used to break up concrete will all generate a lot of noise. This noise can irritate those who live and work in areas which neighbour the demolition site. Below is a guide to some steps you can take to keep the levels of noise pollution to a minimum during a demolition job

Sequence the work

When performing demolition services, it is important to consider the sequence of the work. By identifying the types of work which will generate the highest levels of noise, you can better plan for what should be done when. This work should be sequenced in such a way that certain steps occur simultaneously. While this will increase the overall noise level while this work is carried out, it will shorten the duration of high levels of noise pollution will be as short as possible. 

Stop work at night and over the weekends

It is likely that the local authority with jurisdiction over the area you are working in will have local laws which limit the levels of noise pollution which can be generated during the night and over weekend periods. This is to protect the local community so people can sleep and relax during these periods. If for some reason, you feel that emergency demolition work must be carried out overnight or at the weekend, you should contact the local authorities to request permission. 

Consider different working methods

You should also consider how you perform each part of the demolition and if there is a quieter way of achieving the same result. For example, you may decide to use a concrete cutter to break a slab down into small pieces rather than breaking them apart with a jackhammer. Cutting will typically produce less noise than breaking with a jackhammer.

Erect noise barriers

You can also help to protect the local community from the noise generated during the demolition process by erecting noise barriers around the demolition site. These barriers are specially shaped to deflect sound waves upwards and away from surrounding buildings.

By managing noise pollution during a demolition, you can help to maintain good relations with the local community and to project a positive image of the industry.