5 Things to Consider When Choosing Decking Timber

The longevity of the deck you build is highly contingent on the timber you choose. Your deck should be functional, stable and appealing at the same time. Timber decking should last for years. However, its lifespan can be prolonged by painting, staining or oiling it. The first step in the decking journey has to begin with the selection of decking timber. This checklist will help you reach the best verdict.

Its Purpose

Defining what your deck will be used for is crucial in determining your choice of decking timber. For instance, a pool deck has to hold up against saltwater or chlorine. A sun deck should be able to withstand the sun's radiation. If it has children playing on it frequently, then it should be sturdy enough to tolerate some knocks.

The Elements It Will Be Exposed To

The decking timber you opt for should be able to bear the outdoor elements to which it is exposed. For those who live close to a sea, they need to choose timber that can withstand salt erosion. People living in areas with a humid climate should ensure that their choice of wood isn't readily susceptible to rot. If your environs are prone to bushfire, you require a robust, dense hardwood like blackbutt.

Your Budget

Renovations can be costly, but when done correctly and with the right materials, they add immense value to your house. Various timbers have different prices. Therefore, you should be able to find wood that doesn't stretch your budget. Exotic hardwoods tend to be more costly, but treated pine is an affordable option. Even as you try to minimise costs, do not forget that you want to build a durable and robust deck that will maintain its appeal over the years. Therefore, avoid saving in the short-term only to spend more in the long-term.


Some woods are more demanding than others regarding maintenance. If you want to weather-proof your deck and to maintain its beauty, it is recommended that you oil it every few years. It is prudent to inquire about the maintenance needs of the decking timber before buying it.


Building a deck serves both a functional and aesthetic purpose. In that accord, you want to choose decking timber that will be appealing to your visual instincts. With minimal research, you can find a type that has the right colour and grain to your liking. 

There are dozens of woods you can use as decking timber. This checklist could save you time and help you choose the best timber to suit your needs.