Scaffolding Management: Basics for Ensuring Safety at the Construction Site

Scaffolding structures are indispensable in construction sites and projects that involve the maintenance and repair of buildings. However, incorrect use of these structures can lead to fatal accidents or even death of workers. As a project manager, poor management of this equipment can earn you lawsuits, imprisonment for preventable neglect, or even financial losses. It is essential to make sure that any scaffolding structures within your site are properly managed and inspected to guarantee the safety of your workers. Here are some basic guidelines on proper management to prevent avoidable accidents on your project site.

Undertake Thorough Inspection

Most project managers usually experience some level of pressure to rush the completion of work on construction sites. This is usually to ensure that the project is completed within the set schedule and that it meets the budget. However, rushing the setup of scaffolds is extremely unsafe for your team. It increases the chances of fatal accidents. Ensure that the equipment is correctly set up before letting any workers on it. Ensure that there are experienced personnel onsite to inspect the structure before use. This way, you can achieve efficiency without compromising on safety.

Perform Hazard Identification Procedures

Identifying hazards on the construction site allows you to manage them and ensure that workers are protected. For instance, scaffolds should not be used near power lines or on wet surfaces. Installing the structure near power lines can endanger the lives of the workers by exposing them to electrocution. Also, setting them up on a wet and slippery ground can cause accidents like falls. Undertake a site inspection to identify ground and overhead hazards, and take the necessary measures to avoid them.

Provide PPE for Scaffolding

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for any construction sites. They include head, face and hand protection; safety vests; first aid supplies and work wear. In this case, it is also essential to provide individuals who will be working on the scaffolding with safety harnesses. A harness allows workers to attach themselves to an immovable object so that they will not hit the ground if they fall or the structure comes tumbling down. This is particularly important, as unforeseen circumstances on the site can cause accidents. Ensure that safety harnesses are properly secured to the immovable object to guarantee their effectiveness.

Efficient management of scaffolding is critical to secure a safe environment for your site team. Follow these tips and ensure that all safety procedures have been adhered to before the commencement of work. Ensure that all stakeholders of the project are educated on the importance of following the prescribed safety guidelines.