2 Creative And Practical Design Elements To Include In Your Custom-Built Beach Side Home

Owning a home by the beach is a dream for many Australians. The laid-back beach lifestyle, a sun-drenched beach within walking distance of your home and the beautiful ocean views are all major parts of this enduring desire. Like many other people, when designing and building your beach home, you may decide to create a custom design that is unique and perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

Beach homes have very different and specific design needs in comparison to standard home sites. Here are two creative and practical elements that you should consider incorporating into your beach home design.

1. Maximising natural air flow

As a general rule, beachside locations enjoy milder summer temperatures than areas away from the coast. This is due to the cooling effect of the breezes that wash over the ocean, which has a lower temperature than the air. Maximising these cooling breezes will make your beach home more comfortable in the summer and significantly reduce your use of artificial cooling appliances.

A custom home can take full advantage of these breezes by strategic positioning of exterior windows and doors and the layout of the interior. Ideally, windows and doors should provide air flow from all sides and interior walls and doors should be positioned so the cross flow of air isn't hindered.

2. A 'sand' room

One of the least pleasant aspects of a beachside lifestyle is the persistent and irritating sand that manages to find its way into every corner of a beach house. An excellent way to minimise this problem is to incorporate a 'sand' room which acts as a cleaning off point or buffer zone that you and your family can use before entering your home after spending time at the beach.

This concept is very similar to the idea of a boot room that is a common feature in rural properties. The idea is to provide a location for sandy attire to be stripped off, beach paraphernalia stored and sand-covered bodies showered off.

Your sand room may be a small bathroom and storage area that's located near the laundry for easy disposal of sandy clothing and towels. You may like to include an outdoor shower as well, which is also handy for cleaning off items such as surfboards, boogie boards and snorkelling gear.

These elements are only two of many that will make your new beachside home your own personal slice of paradise. Discuss these options and any other design elements you might love with your custom home builder when you begin the process of creating your dream home.