Why a Mobile Scaffolding Tower Should Be Better Than a Ladder or Cherry Picker

If you're about to embark on a complex construction project spread across a large tract of land, you'll want to bring in the correct type of equipment to make life easier. You also want to pay close attention to safety and will want to be as efficient as possible as everyday work continues through various stages. In most cases, your employees will need to work at height, and you must give them equipment so they can proceed without delay. You may be considering ladders for some simpler tasks or a more sophisticated device like a cherry picker for others, but perhaps you should pick a mobile scaffolding structure instead. Why is this advantageous in your situation?

Understanding Your Challenge

In such a dynamic environment, your success will be measured according to how each "micro" task is tackled. You may have contractors on-site like bricklayers, carpenters, plasterers, electricians and roofers, and each one may need to get to a certain job position during a given day. You'll also want to ensure that when they are at their work position, they can focus on the task at hand rather than worrying about safety, balance or accessibility.

Considering Ladders or Cherry Pickers

These levels of complexity will almost certainly rule out the typical ladder which has the more obvious shortcomings. Cherry pickers are very useful devices but have their own sizeable footprint. They also cost quite a lot of money to procure, given that they will need to be available when needed, and you will probably be looking at a long-term rental. Also, these machines require trained operatives and can represent a safety challenge in their own right.

Choosing the Best Option

Mobile scaffolding units represent the ideal compromise. They are built with a cross-beam structure, sturdy, and on wheels, so they can be rolled from one point of the work site to another. Due to their size and configuration, they can also house more than one worker at a time, complete with tools or supplies. The structure can be moved without too much effort as it is inherently lightweight and made from galvanised steel poles, braces and wooden planks. Furthermore, scaffolding towers are durable and tend to be noncorrosive, so they do not take much in the way of maintenance and can be expected to last.

Placing an Order

Think about bringing in mobile scaffolding towers for your project. Talk with your suppliers, and they will help you to configure, design and build each tower.