Custom Home Ideas for Special Needs Parents

When you begin house hunting, you may notice there are few homes built with special needs children in mind. Your first thought may be to find a house that has features close to what you need and renovate the rest. However, another option may be to seek out custom home builders. Here are just a few of the custom home ideas for your special needs children that can be constructed by custom home builders. 

Remote Lighting

Children with special needs may have issues with sensory disorders. This means that lights and sounds can become distracting or overwhelming. When this happens, you may need to move the child to a different room where they can calm down and reacclimate. If the issue is with lighting, however, you can allow your child to remain in the same room with the use of remote-controlled lighting. This is an electrical aspect of your custom home that can be built into each room of the home. This allows for each room to have a custom lighting option depending on who is in the room. 

Accessible Bathrooms

One of the leading areas of a home with special needs children in mind is having accessible bathrooms. Many pre-built homes do not have bathrooms that are accessible for special needs. This makes them a vital part of your custom home design. When you are dealing with a custom home design, you can ensure the bathrooms have everything they need for your specific child and their needs. For example, you may have a mechanical lift built into the bathroom to help move your child in and out of bathing areas. You may also have built-in heaters for the bathrooms to help maintain a comfortable temperature. Frameless showers may also be an option for your custom build to allow you to move wheelchairs in and out of the shower. 

Therapy Rooms

Therapy is vital for many children with special needs. These therapies can be light therapy, sensory therapy, physical therapy, or occupational therapy. Having a room that is specific to therapy and the therapy your child needs should be part of your custom home plan. Therapy rooms can be for various types of therapy including visiting therapy appointments and sensory services. 

When you are ready to discuss a custom home build, contact the custom home builders of your choice. They will meet with you to discuss blueprints and plans for the home. They may also have you work with them on your designs to determine what options you want for the home and what options you want to be removed from the initial idea design process. When you are ready, they will begin the building process.