Different Reasons to Extend Your Home Upwards

Extending is a great way to increase your living space without moving house, but not all home extensions are the same. There are multiple kinds of home extensions to explore, and each has its unique pros and cons. 

If upward extensions are permitted in your local area, you might be wondering if this kind of extension is right for your residential property. The answer depends on your specific home extension goals.

If you're looking to achieve the following goals, extending upwards will do the trick.

Maintain the size of your yard

Small yard? Absolutely no problem! If you want to increase your living space without sacrificing your yard space, then an upward extension may fit the bill. This type of extension requires building higher to create extra space, thus eliminating the need to increase the footprint of your house. 

It's an ideal option for homeowners who have limited yard space and don't want to cut into it.

Create access to views

Do you experience a certain amount of joy and happiness when you see beautiful views of the outdoors? If so, it may be possible to enjoy such views right from the comfort of your home.

When it comes to home extensions, nothing shouts magnificent views like an upward addition. Building higher can provide unobstructed views of any picturesque features within your property and neighbourhood.

Bring more natural light into your home

Looking to fill your home with natural light? Increasing natural light in your home doesn't just help to reduce your monthly energy bills: it also creates a feeling of spaciousness within the home, adding a feel-good effect to it. 

If you're not receiving adequate amounts of sunlight in your home, building higher is a smart way to capture more sun. The higher you build, the fewer things there will be to block sunlight out of your home.

Extending upwards can help you stay put in the house and place that you love, but it requires ripping off and replacing the roof at the end of the construction process. This typically involves more disruption to the home than extending outwards. While builders have the equipment and experience to protect your roofless home from the outdoor elements, they'll often ask you to arrange family accommodation off-site until work is complete. The good news is that an upward addition can increase the value of the property significantly when planned and executed correctly.