Are You Using Concrete Panels Yet?

When you are building something, there are a lot of materials that you might consider using. Wood and brick are popular for many purposes, but concrete is probably the most versatile of all building materials. Concrete can create a bridge over a stream, a shopping centre or even a football stadium. The natural strength of concrete is one of the reasons that its appeal has proved to be so long-lasting, but that is far from the only reason that so many construction companies have concrete as their material of choice. Here are three more characteristics of concrete that have helped it stay at the top of the list.

Reduced maintenance costs

Concrete panels are ideal for withstanding the stresses of regular use. A road bridge will have constant traffic, while even a footbridge or a courtyard must deal with a never-ending footfall. Many materials would rapidly wear out under such strain and require repair, but concrete is incredibly resistant and needs very little maintenance. The lower maintenance costs don't just apply to structures that you can see. Concrete panels can be found in the foundations of buildings. Concrete panels can provide a dry, moisture-free foundation that will not need attention in the future.

Reduced construction time

With any job, the faster it is completed, the lower the costs will be. Using concrete panels allows much of the work to be completed off-site. Instead of struggling to build and connect the parts of the structure on-site in possibly inclement weather, the concrete panels can be made in a dry workshop and moved quickly into position at the right moment. There is no need to clear large areas of the site to allow preparation and construction work to take place, nor is there a long delay waiting for the concrete to be poured and then set in position. The panels are ready to use the moment they reach the site.  

Reduced noise pollution

Concrete is an ideal material for reducing unwanted noise. Concrete deadens noise, and concrete panels have often been used for the creation of sound walls. Sound walls help to keep out extraneous noise from traffic or heavy industry and allow people living in the area to enjoy a quieter, more peaceful existence.

To find out more about how you could use concrete panels to improve the quality of life of those in your neighbourhood or for other aspects of your building project, speak to a design and engineering team today. They can expand upon this and the many other reasons you should think about incorporating concrete in your next building design.