Top Home Renovations to Embark On When Your House Starts to Feel Too Small

Many factors come into play when selecting a forever home. For starters, the location is paramount, as this would make commuting to work less of a hassle. Additionally, if you have kids, you probably chose that specific location due to proximity to a good school. Lastly, the house itself is likely outfitted with all the amenities that you dreamed of having in a forever home, be it the right number of bedrooms, a swimming pool and so on.

However, as your family grows, what you previously thought was adequate space could now feel incredibly limited. And with all the characteristics that make this property your forever home, you may be unwilling to relocate. Fortunately, a custom home builder can modify the property so that it can suit your current needs. Below are a few of the top renovations to embark on when your house starts to feel too small for your expanding family.

Revamp the kitchen

If your kitchen feels cramped and tiny, you will feel that the entire house cannot accommodate your growing family. The reason why is that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Not only is this where you get all your meals prepared, but it is also an area that both family and friends congregate. Hence, a good place to start when deliberating on home renovations would be your cramped kitchen. One of the first things to discuss with your custom home builder is how you can overhaul the layout of this space. Eliminating walls, for starters, will help with creating an illusion of extra space since the room will no longer appear boxed in.

Moreover, switching to an open plan layout not only streamlines movement in this room but it also allows you to interact with your family while they are in the main living areas, which reduces the need for crowding in the kitchen. Custom storage solutions are a must-have if the kitchen has started feeling cramped. For example, your home builder can maximise on vertical space to integrate new storage rather than simply relying on your old cabinetry.

Incorporate an additional bathroom and shower

You may not feel your bathroom and shower situation is insufficient when your kids are small but the moment they grow up you will begin to notice that these rooms are constantly in use when you need to be rushing out of the house. Rather than keep getting aggravated each morning, you should consider integrating both an extra bathroom and an additional shower when engaging in home renovations.

A mistake that some homeowners make is putting these new amenities in one room but this simply means the toilet can remain free yet unused while someone is taking a shower and vice versa. A better option, more so if you have space, is to separate the two as this will help ease the traffic in your home each morning.

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