5 Benefits of Pine Framing

Pine is one of the most versatile building materials. Whether you're looking for a good wood for flooring, fencing, or framing, pine is among the top choices. This softwood comes in over 200 species all over the world. It's pale yellow or white in colour, very light in weight and has open grain. What's more, it can be moulded into your desired shapes to suit the project's requirements. Continue reading for 5 benefits of pine framing. 

It's a Renewable Resource

Pine is a renewable building resource with controlled harvesting. Since it's becoming a common wood for construction projects, many pine plantations are coming up to meet the high demand. These plantations ensure that the harvesting of pine has a low impact on the environment since there is little to no damage to the environment. 

It's Easy to Work With

Pine is very easy to work with. For instance, pine accepts nails easily compared to other materials. While some materials may require you to pre-drill nail holes, which is a time-consuming process, pine makes it easy for you to drive a nail through it. It's also easier to carve, cut or stain, compared to other types of natural materials. This reduces the total time taken to complete a project. Also, the last thing you need is the framing of the house coming loose. Many softwoods don't hold nails very well. Pine has a good grip on the nail, ensuring that they won't pop out of the wood. 

It Has a Natural Decorative Design

Pine has a distinctive grain, which gives it a natural decorative design. This makes it aesthetically pleasing. If you're going for exposed beams in your construction, pine is an excellent wood choice for your framing. If you prefer not to paint the beams, you can count on pine's natural patterns to stand out and add style and warmth to any room. 

It's Resistant to Rot and Decay

Pine is resistant to decay and rot. While it's naturally resistant to decay, it's always more effective to pressure-treat it to keep it more effective at avoiding decay. Since framing is a crucial part of any construction, you need to protect the structure from collapse. By using treated pine, you significantly increase the longevity of the structure, not to mention it's structural integrity. 

It's Affordable

Pine's ready availability has allowed it to become an affordable construction material. Yet this is not to say that it's not durable. The reduced price and increased durability, especially of treated pine, is an excellent investment for your construction.

Pine is a durable and versatile softwood. Consider pine framing to get an aesthetically pleasing, and structurally sound building.