Top Tips When Hiring a Deck Builder

A deck is one of the easiest ways to increase the value of your home. Besides, decks are perfect recreational areas and can significantly improve the appeal of your landscape. Although there are many DIY deck construction articles on the internet, homeowners should consider working with professional deck builders. Below is a guide on the various considerations you should make when looking for a deck builder.


What is the builder's experience? Ask him or her to show some of his or her previous works. You could also ask for referrals from friends and relatives who have decks in their homes. The deck builder should be licensed to construct decks in your locality. Depending on your state, the builder should either have a builder's licence or a restricted builder's licence. 


The builder should exhibit a high degree of professionalism. For instance, he or she should promptly respond to your inquiries. The builder should show expertise in deck construction. For example, he or she should visit your home to survey the scope of works. The area may require some earthmoving works before building the deck. He or she should also advise on the best materials to use. Hardwoods and pressure-treated wood are termite- and weather-resistant. 

The builder should also provide deck design tips. The colour of the deck should complement your home's exterior. There are a variety of materials to choose from. For instance, stringybark comes in a variety of colours, such as red, yellow or white. Treated pine can be painted to any colour, while ironbark comes in deep red to deep brown.


Critically evaluate the builder's pricing strategy. He or she should give a quote detailing the costs of labour and materials. Inquire about extra expenses. For instance, the builder may charge more during weekends and holidays. It happens when you need the project completed in a short period.

The builder should provide you with a contract detailing the agreed works, how and when you should make payments. Inquire about dispute resolution. Arbitration is a suitable way to solve such disputes.  

A well-maintained deck will last a lifetime. Use detergent or commercial deck cleaner to clean off food debris, leaves and any other materials that would attract pests. Use a brush or power cleaner for the best results. Deck sealers will protect the wood and keep the deck shining.

Finding a deck builder is now easy with the above tips. Evaluate the deck builder's experience, professionalism and pricing. Also, follow the recommended deck maintenance tips.