Why window tinting can be a smart solution for your home

Window tinting works by placing a layer of film over your windows, usually coated with metals to be more reflective. What are some of the advantages of home window tinting?

Protection from the sun

When the sun's rays are bombarding your windows in the summer, your home can turn into a greenhouse, with a resulting increase in cooling bills. Tinting your windows can prevent the sun's energy from entering your house. This not only works to keep your home cooler -- it also keeps out the harmful ultra-violet radiation. UV rays will cause your furnishings to fade, and are also harmful to health as they can cause melanomas and other skin cancers. By reducing the amount of solar radiation that enters your home, you will not only save money and cut down on your carbon footprint, you will also avoid a potential health hazard.


Everyone likes a view from their windows -- unfortunately, they also provide a view into your home. Thieves and intruders will want to look in to see if it's worth breaking in, and you may also have trouble with nosey neighbours and other people who take too big an interest in your private affairs. Tinting your windows can stop people from being able to see inside, without blocking the light needed to keep your home properly lit. You can also buy tinting film that only reflects one way, so you can still see out when is not so bright outside. There's also frosted tinting for bathrooms to protect your privacy.

Safety and security

When a window is broken, tiny shards can travel much further than you think, and cause a safety hazard even when you think you have fully cleaned up after it. A window film will help to keep the window together and will prevent dangerous fragments from scattering inside your house. Window films can be bought that are specially designed to protect against breakage as well as cut down on heat and light. They can also provide an extra level of security to your home, as they will make it much more difficult for an intruder to enter by the window.

Window tinting is a simple solution that can be retro-fitted to any window. Just get in touch with a supplier for more information and you will help the environment and your wallet, as well as increasing safety and privacy in your home.