What happens when your refrigeration equipment fails?

If your company or organization relies on blast chillers, walk-in freezers or any other type of refrigeration equipment, then you will understand how problematic a fault with such equipment can be. Not only does it cost money to repair the fault but you will almost immediately start to experience a disruption in the delivery of your own service, and potentially suffer serious damage to your company reputation. In that situation, you need to find a team of refrigeration repair technicians who can get your refrigeration systems working again without delay.

Help when you need it

One of the most important questions to ask a refrigeration repair company is how soon they will arrive. When your equipment fails your problems start immediately. You can't afford to wait for days for someone to come out and see what the problem is. You need to find a company that is willing to travel to your site and fix the equipment without delay. Ideally, you want them to be on-site within a few hours and to be able to fix the problem on that visit. Whether you are a large governmental operation, a big catering firm or a small family business, it is your reputation at stake so the ability to call an out-of-hours service and get help when you need it is essential.

Can they fix the problem?

Having a refrigeration repair company visit your site is pointless if they can't actually fix the problem. Look for a company that has experience with your brand of equipment and will be able to quickly diagnose the fault. Before committing to the repair company find out what spare parts the engineers are able to carry with them. Do they have an appropriate range of gases for recharging units? What about compressor parts and fan motors? The range of parts they carry will have a direct impact on the number of repairs they are able to make on their first visit. If you need to wait for an ordered part to arrive that means a second visit and your equipment is out of service for longer.

Look for a refrigeration repair company that offers regular servicing

You rely on your walk-in freezers, chillers and cold rooms and you need them to work at maximum efficiency. While equipment failure will always happen, it is better to minimize the risk of failure by having your refrigeration equipment serviced regularly. By arranging planned maintenance at a time that suits you, it is possible to keep your equipment in good working order and to reduce the likelihood of a serious failure. This will allow you to get on with running your business with one less thing to worry about.