5 Reasons to Choose Stainless Steel Over Tile for Your Splashback

More and more people are adding backsplashes to their kitchens to protect the walls and make cleaning up easier. Unfortunately, it's common for people to become a little confused about the wide array of available backsplash materials. Tile is one of the most popular options, but here are just five reasons you should use stainless steel instead.

1. Long Lasting

Look around a professional kitchen, and you'll find stainless steel everywhere. One of the main reasons is that stainless steel is very hard to damage; professionals don't want to interrupt work just to have a couple of tiles replaced. Your kitchen might not be as fast-paced as that of a restaurant, but you'll still want a backsplash able to stand up to the test of time without needing to be replaced, and stainless steel is far better in this regard than tile.

2. Easy to Clean

The other reason stainless steel is invariably used in professional kitchens? It's very easy to clean. The problem with tile is the grout lines; they make cleaning harder since you don't have one smooth, unbroken surface, and oil and sauces will tend to get stuck. With stainless steel backsplashes, things are much easier. Simply use a recommended product for quick, easy wipe downs to leave your backsplash looking as good as new.

3. Semi-Reflective

Stainless steel isn't as reflective as a mirror, but it's still reflective enough to cast more light around your kitchen. This is great when making meals since enough light reflects down to illuminate your food prep space. Additionally, bringing more light into your kitchen helps make it appear larger. Unless given a very thick glaze, tiles won't achieve the same effect.

4. Perfect Fit

People will tell you that one of the benefits of tiles is being able to fit them around outlets and tricky corners to create a perfect backsplash every time. In reality, things rarely turn out so well. You'll need to cut tiles down to shape or leave large sections of grouting, so your backsplash will actually look a little thrown together. If you choose stainless steel, a section can be cut to your exact needs.

5. Low Cost

Any kind of kitchen remodelling work should be seen as a financial investment, but you'll still want to keep your costs down. In most cases, stainless steel is cheaper per square foot than tile, especially if you want a more interesting or vibrant design.

For more ideas and tips for your kitchen splashbacks, contact your local remodelling contractors.