3 Things to Include in Your Commercial Marina Build

When your business plans take you to the point of breaking ground on a new structure for clients, you want to make sure that structure has everything you need. This is especially true with marine construction because a marina needs to be able to accommodate a variety of clients and their needs. If this sounds like where your marine plans are taking you, here are three things to have commercial marine contractors include in your commercial marina build.

Floating Docks

One of the last things you want is to lose all of your docks during a massive storm or damaging winds. Keep in mind that if the dock is damaged, the boat lifts and boats that are in dock may be damaged as well. To reduce the chances of this type of damage, you can have marine construction contractors install floating docks. The floating docks will offer stability and durability, and they can be picked up and stored during extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes. Floating docks can be made from concrete, wood and aluminum.

Solar Panel Energy

As a commercial marina, you want to make sure you have what your customers need for communication, power sourcing and storage power. One of the key components to this is to offer not only electrical power, but solar power as well. You can do this by having the marine construction contractors include solar energy panels and platforms with your commercial marina design. You can choose to have the solar panel be a backup source, a full power source for certain aspects of the marina or a full power source for the entire marina.

Business Center

You may be so focused on the marina, boats and incoming or outgoing clients that you forget one of the main things they will need. Business clients coming in to your dock who will be using and staying at your marina will need business resources. Have your marine construction contractors add a business center to your plans. The center can house computers with web connectivity, wireless connection options and areas to host small groups for business purposes. This helps eliminate the need for the client to leave the marina while still getting the job they need to complete off their to-do list.

These are only three of the things to have marine construction contractors include when you begin designing and building your commercial marina. If you have other ideas, consider discussing them in a consultation and having a marine contractor or engineer develop the ideas for you.