What Can Cause Your Home's Foundation to Crack?

Foundation cracking is a serious problem that every homeowner should be aware of. Small lines of weakness can develop into large cracks which can lead to structural issues. For this reason, you need to remain vigilant, inspect your home, and look out for these cracks before they cause severe damage. Luckily, when identified early, foundation cracks can be repaired without compromising the stability of the structure. However, before repairs are made, it may be worth finding the cause to prevent future problems. In this light, below are some of the common reasons for foundation cracking that you should look out for.

Plumbing leaks

Water that is leaking in your exterior plumbing pipes may present more problems than just turning your yard into something like a marshland. If the water leaks into the soil around your foundation, it will cause the soil to expand. As a result, the foundation will lose its stability and begin to crack. If you notice any water leaks in your outdoor plumbing pipes, turn off the water immediately and contact a plumber for repairs. Also, make sure that sprinklers are used away from the foundation to prevent the water from draining into the soil that's holding the concrete in place.

Overgrown tree roots

Are there any large trees in your yard? If so, you need to know the direction in which their roots are growing. Invasive roots are not only a danger to your main sewer line, but they can also damage your foundation. Large secondary roots may grow into the concrete used for your foundation, causing it to crack. You can prevent this by trimming roots that have grown too close to the foundation. However, use a permanent solution such as chemical treatment to make sure that the roots don't grow back and damage the foundation.

Foundation settling

Foundation settling occurs when the soil surrounding the structure can no longer hold it in place. This can happen from changes in the soil structure due to too much moisture, extensive periods of drought, poor drainage, or frosting. If the foundation settles on one side, this can cause the structure to lean on one side or collapse. However, if it settles uniformly, the structural stability may not be affected. However, it will cause damage to underground pipes and electrical wiring.

Foundation cracking is a problem that should be addressed immediately to avoid costly repairs and losses. Contact an expert in foundation crack repair.