Three Top Tips for Choosing a Land Surveyor

It's amazing what goes on beneath your feet. Millions of years of history have changed not just what you see on the surface, but the very foundations of ther planet, and that has implications for what people put on top of it. For anyone embarking on a building project, whether commercial, residential or industrial, land surveyors are the only way to really establish what the land really looks like, where the key boundaries between plots are, and any implications before you start digging. Whether they uncover old utilities pipes which have been forgotten or identify potential legal issues from unclear boundaries, surveyors are an essential investment for any project.

Land surveyors can combine the latest equipment, complex maths and sensors to create an accurate map of your land. With this powerful tool under your belt, you can increase the value and efficiency of whatever project you are working on. 

Check their credentials

In Australia, most land surveyors will have a qualification approved by a local regional surveyors board. Examples include The Institution of Surveyors Victoria. Check out the website of your local board, and they are likely to have a list of approved contractors and companies who have the skills needed. As surveyors carry out highly technical work and require a lot of on-the-job training, the costs of a surveyor can add up. However, since they make decisions which will often have legal and financial implications, never think about choosing a surveyor without trustworthy qualifications just to save some money—it will cost you much more in the long run.

Use all of their services

Like all parts of the building trade, land surveyors have had a surge of technology improve the way they do their jobs and allow them to develop new skills. Ask your surveyor what else they can help with on your site; you may be surprised at the breadth of services surveyors can now offer. From surveys using drones to 3D modelling techniques, land surveyors are finding they can apply their basic techniques in new ways. For those embarking on a project, this can save you time and money.

Let them make you money

Don't think of a surveyor as just a cost. The advice they provide can actually help you make money. For example, if you're building a block of flats, a surveyor can use their knowledge and skills to help you divide the land in the most cost-effective way. Their insight into land registrations and deeds can identify similar plots of land which you could also develop, or identify and solve legal issues before they happen.

Consider land surveyors as an investment, and you can really reap the rewards.